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Our Bands


Interrobang is a three piece post-punk band. They are each disgustingly talented musicians, trading instruments between tracks with a practiced ease. Somehow, they manage to be catchy, approachable, and incredibly intimidating all at once.

The New Clear Lawn Chairs

The New Clear Lawn Chairs are a shitty, sloppy punk band. They’re a bunch of dirty slobs. If you haven’t stopped reading yet, you’ll love their music.

Golden Shrines

Creepy, fantastic dark psychedelic music from Eli Pop and Big Joe.

Brett Schieber

Brett Schieber is among the nicest people I’ve ever met. He plays stringed instruments and sings songs, and does a damn fine job of it. He’s an excellent lyricist and, occasionally, his songs will make you want to be a better person.

Eli Pop

Eli Pop plays surfy, neo-psychedelic rock.


Fairshake is the musical alias of Singer/Songwriter, and all around kick-ass person Shayne Goss. Her music is catchy and infectious.

John Thefruitman

John Thefruitman has been described as “Beck, but black, drunk and passive aggressive.” He doesn’t object to this description.


Arcanum was born out of the European Electronic Music scene of the 1990s. Then things changed, and they evolved. They are unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Indigo Kid

Indigo Kid is Krista Williamson’s band. She can’t decide if she wants to play aggressive, satirical folk-punk, or dreamy bedroom pop. Consequently, she does both to great effect.

Out Front

Out Front makes music. It is mostly melodic, singer-songwriter stuff, with close vocal harmonies, and scathing, self-aware lyrics.

Our Team

These wizards work around the clock, hand dubbing each tape, duplicating each CD, and folding each sleeve. They build everything that we release, and maintain all of our online services.
Put simply, these folks are heroes, deserving of recognition.
Andrew Roach
Founder of AR
Ryan Stoyer
Co-founder, Superhuman.
Alex Moore
Writer, Director, Creative Genius
Dan Wilson
Capable, Financially-Minded, Tax Dan

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